Shakira denied rumors of separation from the Peak

Shakira denied rumors of separation from the PeakShakira has denied numerous rumors about his separation from Gerard Pique. She wrote to her lover, kissing him.Recently, the world press was actively exaggerated information about the separation Colombian singer and dancer Shakira with her boyfriend, Spanish football club "Barcelona" Gerard Pique. Allegedly, according to "Express Gazeta", Shakira broke up with him because of his constant cheating that happened during the tour of the singer.The Spanish press even brought information that Gerard has a young mistress, who delivered the ultimatum, because she was tired of sharing him with Shakira. However, other publications have assumed that the reason for the breakup in the age difference: Shakira is ten years older than her lover. And someone wrote that the Peak is just annoying global popularity of the Colombian beauty. After all, she is not only a singer, dancer, producer, and influential philanthropist.But all of this information turned out to be just another rumor, because as the official representative of Shakira, her Manager Rodrigo Bertrand, made a statement: "This is completely wrong: they are together, and very well," the site says Glamour magazine. Читать полностью -->

Pelevin wrote a novel-utopia

Pelevin wrote a novel-utopiaIn December will go on sale in a new novel by Victor Pelevin called Snuff. On the page of a book-selling network "Vkontakte" it is specified that the book will be released on 8 may.From the annotation of the publication implies that a new novel-utopia Pelevin "about the deepest mysteries of the female heart and the highest secrets of flying skills". "...What the media business? When people come to the mountain, try to sell it in the form of news - and you will be happy", - reported in the description of the book.On the website edition of "Billboard" reported that the book released by the publishing house "Eksmo".The name of Pelevin's new novel follows the publication name of Chuck Palahniuk's "Snuff", where we are talking about porn star Cassie Wright, who decided to end his career. Their care she wanted to celebrate in a special way - to have sex with restucture men in front of cameras. The word "snuff" means a film or video of a real murder.Last Pelevin's novel "t" was released in 2009. In 2010 the writer published a collection of short stories "Pineapple water for a beautiful lady", which was nominated for a literary prize "Nose". Читать полностью -->

Boris Akunin was suspected of extremism

Boris Akunin was suspected of extremismThe investigative Committee began checking the novel "All the world's a stage" writer George Chkhartishvili, working under the pseudonym Boris Akunin, for the presence of signs of extremism. About this writer said in his blog on LiveJournal.According to Chkhartishvili, from the publishing house "Zaharov", which released latest novel about the adventures of Erast Fandorin, he sent a copy of the agenda and Director of the publishing house Irina Rich are asked to appear for questioning in Presnensky division of the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee. The reason for the call to conversation in the UK was the statement of a Voevodin, A. M., seeing in Akunin's novel "the statements of extremist nature".The agenda of Irene Rich is asked to provide the SC with a copy of the contract Chkhartishvili with the publishing house "Zaharov" and OJSC "Niepoort" responsible for the printing of the novel. Also Director of the publishing house are requested to bring a copy of the book "All the world's a stage" and contact details Georgy Chkhartishvili "for further verification activities"."Some vigilant people revealed the true essence of my so-called creativity, shared his discovery with the competent authorities, and those, of course, immediately saw: it's not nonsense and autumn aggravation, it's very serious," Akunin writes in his blog. According to the writer, he "rushed frantically turning the pages of the novel" in search of manifestations of extremism and found a place that could attract the attention of Vojvodina A. Читать полностью -->

Shannon Doherty got married

Shannon Doherty got marriedThe actress tied the knot with Kurt, Iswarienko. Earlier, 40-year-old actress has been married twice: with Ashley Hamilton she got divorced a year later and with Rick Solomon - seven months. The wedding of Shannon and Kurt was in Malibu.Among the guests were only the closest friends and relatives. Footage from the ceremony will be shown in the near future in the framework of the reality show "Project Shannon Doherty" - it kicks off in January next year.A year ago the star of the TV series "Beverly hills 90210" shared plans with People magazine: "I want to get married again because I want kids. I believe in marriage, because my parents lived together for 43 years. This serves as my example. Читать полностью -->

Hugh Jackman was voted the most sexiest man

Hugh Jackman was voted the most sexiest manFamous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has won the title of most sexy actor sci-Fi tapes. This is precisely the opinion of the majority of viewers of American television network Syfy.Thus Hugh managed to leave behind recognized the handsome johnny Depp.Second place in the ranking took the Scot David Tennant, known for the TV series "Doctor Who". Third in the list of the most sexual in the field of fantastic cinema was British actor John Barrowman from the TV series "Torchwood". Source: Hugh Jackman voted the sexiest man. . . Читать полностью -->

Killed the head of the Sergiyev Posad

Killed the head of the Sergiyev PosadIn the Moscow region killed the head of Sergiev Posad, Yevgeny dushko, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in law enforcement bodies.The crime was committed on the morning of Monday, August 22, on Sovetskaya street in Sergiev Posad. Dusko was shot by an unknown man. According to ITAR-TASS, he was shot at leaving his home. The Investigative Committee of Russia noted that the murder is in the nature of customized.According to various sources, Dusko was released from two to seven bullets. In the hospital he was taken father, however, from the received wounds the man has died. Source of "Interfax" argues that Dusko was shot as he sat in the car.The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code ("murder"). Читать полностью -->

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